Company Spotlights

RTB is proud to Spotlight 100 Companiesthis year, we select companies that are making an impact and are committed to inspire and raise the bar for their clients, center of influences, industry and community. Our desire is to highlight their unique and incredible stories across our platform, social media, monthly newsletter and website to promote their business, bring opportunity for connection, collaboration, business and investments either from our network to yours.


Fynd Talent matches engineering talent with fast-growing tech startups.


Unsilenced Voices inspires change in communities around the world by encouraging victims to break free and survivors to speak up about domestic violence and sexual defilement.

RYTE WAY is a long-distance ride share app that provides long distant travel without the hassle.


STEAMed Drones brings value back to the American worker by empowering schools to succeed in the fastest-growing market, drones.


Champions Round is the pioneer of micro fantasy: round-based fantasy sports where you can draft, play and win more often.


Wearabouts ideal customer is organizations that send people out into the field, or teams that want to self-monitor location and vital statistics.

Alzheimer’s LA delivers comprehensive programs, support, education and advocacy designed to reduce the immense burden experienced by families living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.


Jeremy Weinglass is a pianist, composer and speaker that strives to lift people up and bring more harmony to the world.


One in a Million is a fun and informative read that identifies how to find a great real estate agent and why you want them long term as a “go-to” professional in your corner.


Voppell, Inc. is a full-service CPA Firm focusing on Accounting, Taxation, CFO Services, Controller Services, Pre-Audit Services, and QuickBooks Consulting


AirStrike Systems is a team of Marine Veterans leveraging their expertise to arm paintballers with the next generation of weapon systems


Studio Los Feliz helps businesses use video to win attention, win trust, and win business.


I Love Success is a podcast with a mission to help 10 million people in 10 years to achieve their dreams.


One Heart Way is a nonprofit that uses complementary and alternative medicine to help members of the community who need more than traditional medicine.


Drum Cafe North America is the premier source for Rhythmic Team Building and Leadership Development Programs.


XfuelLive is an app and web-based platform that unites competitors, venues, and fans for an interactive live scoring experience.


Mr. Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a leading Haircolor Authority, renowned Platform Artist & Educator, and fashion-forward Celebrity Haircolorist.


“But I Love Him” is a painful yet inspirational true story of a strong, independent woman caught in the horrifying cycle of domestic violence and how she got out.


MyRuck is an app solution that enables military members to leverage every benefit they have earned through their service.


“Unleash Your Financial PowerHouse”, by Adam Bar, is a guide to money mastery, with a step-by-step process to gain power and control over your financial situation.


Karen Michelle is a lifestyle brand that embodies loving yourself, which includes Fashion, Destiny Candle, Events, and much more for Women & Girls.


Snippet?? is an app that helps users make valuable social and business connections by providing an easy way to find and talk with others around them in-person.


Genly allows companies to generate highly qualified leads that convert into sales with a scalable, predictable, and risk-free inbound lead solution.


YouTellYours kickstarts the performance of teams by increasing self-awareness and social awareness of team members through their use of facilitated narrative storytelling sessions.


Shakeout is a consulting and staffing agency preparing athletes for life after sports.


CIS-Insurance provides contractors with expert business solutions to help protect and grow their business.


End Results Health & Wellness specializes in health, wellness, nutrition and fitness training for people who are newly diagnosed or post op/post treatment.


YouMeMine helps create families in a new way.


“Reclaiming My Strength” how a mystery illness, tragic loss and devasting news became a positive, life changing experience.


CoyoteVest creates innovative pet body armor that helps protect furry friends (pets and farm animals) from coyotes, aggressive dogs and birds of prey.


American Psychic; a Spiritual Journey from the Heartland to Hollywood, Heaven and Beyond, a memoir from the trauma of childhood through the drama of a former acting career and into the transformation of healing and forgiveness.


Kate Fay is a soul singer-songwriter with midwestern roots and a love for music that grooves.


JenMa Properties LLC helps investors and professionals become savvy real estate investors through high performance real estate projects.

Xigla Records is an independent record label, founded in 2010 by David Arregui, focusing on pop, reggaetón, electronic and urban artists.

She Angels Pitchfest& TV Web Series was created to help fund & inspire female entrepreneurs while educating the disparity of funding for women.

The Mindful Warrior Project serves Veterans, Active Duty&Reserve, their family and caregivers so they can Be Free, Well, and Whole.


Mutiny Recordings is a music licensing company that delivers a dynamic range of sound in various genres from 1949 through Today.


JemAdorn is a social selling lifestyle brand that empowers women through fashion, fun and an inspiring community.


Greater Than is a lifestyle brand that creates apparel &accessories with the purpose of empowering individuals to be Greater Than any challenge.


Why Not Wellness is focused on making sure no one feels like they don’t understand their own body.


The Hetty Group is a community engagement consultancy that builds strategies to engage stakeholders with intention and impact.


Actively Moving Forward® (AMF) supports and empowers grieving young adults to actively move forward with community service in memory of their loved one.


Kagan Studio is an original contemporary decor production studio offering quality art work for hospitality, commercial and residential spaces.


AnR Productions creates engaging, high converting, creative and elaborate videos for your company/brand.


Also, we had one of our spotlights completely change their name, it was “The Crowd” (see attached screenshot) and now its My Vintro – see attached & updated info for the post below.


The Law Office of Eric J. Proos P.C. structures and advises start-ups and businesses to help position them for success upon launch.


KickTack is a complete inbound marketing automation software that helps companies engage visitors, convert leads and close more sales.


Bioharmonic Technologies harmonize humanity and raise the vibration of the planet using sound, light, frequency and vibration.


Outrun Diabetes was created to inspire others that anything is possible with Diabetes.


A Broad Productions hosts a weekly podcast called A Broad Cast Podcast & Newsletter focusing on travel, food, beauty and culture.


SRM Real Estate Group is a residential real estate brokerage with a social purpose.


Adway is a smart mobile advertisement platform that enables any driver to earn passive income without altering their personal vehicle.


Design Create Inspire is a positive lifestyle brand dedicated to impacting the world one product at a time.


CallCast turns phone calls into podcasts and publishes it on iTunes.


Piovra Group provides venue consulting & event production services with a one-of-a-kind experience.


Daniella Bloom is a transformation coach and speaker who helps men and women get back on track to their full potential in Love and Life


Tent Hut is a veteran-owned nonprofit organization that rebuilds veteran drifters by restructuring the warrior mindset and reinforcing their expertise to build empowered leaders.


Industrious is the country’s leading premium co-working and private office provider that offers experiences that help teams of all sizes transform ideas into action.


LoanBuddy is a student loan analysis software that helps financial advisors and borrowers understand all the options available for student debt.


BYGMusic supports music artists by monetizing the power and value of their social fan base on behalf of brands.


GapWallet helps members pay unexpected auto & homeowner ins. deductibles by providing 0% interest payment arrangements and network of service providers.


Streetstop allows customers to find Food Trucks and Pop Ups on a city map, order from the app and receive a text when your order is ready.


WREN is a group of like-minded women with a broad range of real estate investing knowledge, who come together to swap ideas, share resources, and spark inspiration.


Spinn is quality coffee made easy, fresh beans are spun without the need of filters, pods or capsules to reduce waste, unlike competitors.


Healora connects doctors and patients directly.


Shop Her Closet KM is a curated clothing brand for a new generation of souls seeking authenticity, truth & glam.


The Ovarian Cancer Circle, is a nonprofit organization to honor the memory of Robin Babbini, who lost her life to ovarian cancer.


The World is (Y)ours, The Secrets Behind “The Secret”, is the secrets of spiritual awakening for a new generation.


SPARE., a virtual ATM network that aggregates digital wallets and provides free cash transactions for underbanked & unbanked communities.


Optioniers is Options and Crypto education for millennials.


GPS Guide for Athletes and Those Who Surround Them” is an empowered guide through the sports business model educating & raises the value of the industry.


Creative Visions mission is to spark awareness of critical issues and ignite change through impact media, education, art and technology: creative activism.


Dadware is clothing that brings fathers closer to their newborns through Skin to Skin bonding.


PLUS ME Project is a community partner dedicated to empowering youth to build their confidence by teaching the art of storytelling.


VALET PARTZ is a revolutionary way to buy, sell and have parts installed for your vehicle.


Playoff is a dating app for verified current and former college and professional athletes.


Dominique Higgins is a real estate broker who specializes in helping real estate investors and developers grow their business.