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Now that you have a vetted idea and the concept is in shape, it’s time to focus on your marketing and who you will be targeting for business. Once we have your target markets identified and your influencer groups, we’ll build your action plan with marketing strategies that will touch your target audience. Branding will play a big part in this process as we want to make sure your look and feel will convey the message you desire with the customer taking action. Once the marketing plan is in check and branding is a go, we can build out the business plan with strategies so you’ll know the road map for the time period ahead. These plans will need to be updated every 6-12 months depending on what is working and what is not. If you have a plan already created, we can also review and fill in any gaps we might see. The marketing and business strategy component is crucial for businesses that want to put the plan in place, so you and your team can fulfill it. When we aim at nothing we hit it with incredible accuracy. So don’t let the lack of a plan hold you back or a plan that just collects dust.


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